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meg-munro-artist-water-color-oil-painter-sedona-arizona-albuquerque-santa-fe-new mexico-meg-1b


meg-munro-artist-water-color-oil-painter-sedona-arizona-albuquerque-santa-fe-new mexico-meg-t

As an artist painting in watercolor in Mexico, Meg translated the colorful culture into complex paintings which described her environment as she interpreted it. Over the more than 30 years she painted in Puerto Vallarta her fine art detailed the uniqueness and patterns she experienced in the tropical jungles and market towns around artisan Mexico. She describes her latest “Apparitions” series as transition paintings. Guadalupe (Mother and Virgin Mary) represent the love freely given to her in Mexico and energetically accompanying her to her new home.


meg-munro-artist-water-color-oil-painter-sedona-arizona-albuquerque-santa-fe-new mexico-meg-t-2

Meg Munro’s “Apparition Series” paintings draw from the pre-Raphaelite visionaries (1848) who combined realistic detail and spiritual reference in their pursuit of absolute and uncompromising truth.
The paintings are metaphorical. The religious figures are liberated from condemnation as they are re-configured to the garden of innocence where their original essence of Light is restored. This same re-vitalization is available to all human beings—from the cultural wounds of the past, to living a new life nourished from Creative Source.



meg-munro-artist-water-color-oil-painter-sedona-arizona-albuquerque-santa-fe-new mexico-meg-t-3

Meg Munro’s “Iris Integrity Series” inspires you to consciously partake in nature’s creative force. Just as each flower is an individual expression of an evolved emotion, we too, by committing to live our unique beauty in the world, awaken the Creative Spirit for ourselves and the world to come.

Choose empowerment. Let your inner beauty sing and your living environment vibrate with Nature’s Uplifting Spirit.



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