Meg Munro

About Meg


In 1984 I left a TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) Master’s program in Arizona to follow my heart which had been captured in Puerto Vallarta. I had gone there during the summer for a Spanish Immersion summer program in Morelia, MX. Mexico gave me the cultural freedom to take a different path. The social cultural I was raised in was far away and I was able to re-create myself and focus on art and develop as an artist.

During the 30+years I lived and worked as an artist in Mexico, I painted subject matter as diverse as Mexico. My art described the vibrant light and colors of Vallarta’s coast, mountains and tropical foliage. Travelling around interior Mexico and Guatemala I painted the bold colors of the people and their art.

In 2016 I have moved physically away from Mexico. I feel I am bringing in my heart the life, love and freedom the people and the land gifted me with.

Artist Statement

Making my art has been directly proportionate to finding my voice.  It continues to be a strengthening of that voice in the medium and in creative subject matter.

I have worked with watercolor exclusively; it has been the medium through which I see and interpret things. The transparency lends itself to showing the light. It is also friendly to my draw-er-ly way of expression. I was introduced to contour drawing as a teenager. This way of looking at things in their idiosyncracies/uniquenesses is probably the most descriptive sentence about my style.

For many years describing the detail, harmony and patterns of things and their environment was compelling and satisfying.  In this era of painting it was necessary to paint things as they were found and not change them.  In the Bottles Series paintings I began to set up whole compositions. In the Butterfly Series I began to add a “fantastical” element. In the latest series “Apparitions” I am painting the relationship (as I understand it) of The Divine to Creation. This series feels like the sum of all my artwork at this time.




Watercolor Workshops

Juried Shows and Awards

Watercolor Workshops

  • 1993     Linda Doll AWS,NWS  Morro Bay, CA                                             Jim Kosvanec, San Miguel Allende, MX
  • 1992-91 Flying Colors Workshops Acapulco, MX                                            James Soares, Joseph Bohler,AWS
                 Lassie Corbett
  • 1991      Bellas Artes and Instituto Allende,
  •              San Miguel Allende, MX
  • 1988-90 Studio Painting w/Lucille Shipley,
                 Puerto Vallarta, MX
  • 1981-82  BA English, Cal Poly Pomona, CA
  • 1978-80 Humboldt State Univ. Arcata, CA
  • 2011 NAWS Spring Membership Show Sedona Arts Center, Sedona, AZ
  • 2010 AWA Watermedia National ASU-West Fletcher Library, Glendale, AZ
  • 2009 NWS 89th Brea, CA Daniel Smith Artist´s Supplies combined with American Artist´s Magazine Award
  • 2008 NWS 88th Riverside, CA WW 40th Brea, CA
  • 2003 WW XXXV 2nd Place Award & Signature Status-Riverside, CA
  • 2002 Assoc. Artits of the Inland Empire- 3rd Place Watercolor-Upland, CA2001 Arizona Watercolor Assoc. Members Fall Show Award of Merit Glendale, AZ Western Federation Society- ParkCity, UT
  • 2000 Arts Alliance of the White Mountains- Best of Show-Pinetop, AZ
  • AWA National, Merchandise Award-Chandler, AZ
  • Arizona Artist Guiad Summer Juried Exhibit-Sky Harbor Airport, AZ
  • Texas Watercolor Society, TWS Award and Travelling Show-Houston, TX
  • Arizona Aqueous XV-Tubac, AZ
  • Pikes Peak WS Watermedia 2000-Colorado Springs, CO
  • Society of Watercolor Millennium Show,Merchandise Award-Arlington, TX
  • 1999 Artlink 3rd Annual-Phoenix City Hall Atrium, AZ
  • AWA Nacional-Surprise, AZ
  • NWS 79th-Brea, CA
  • 1998 W 30th-Brea, CA
  • 1997 NWS 77th, Signature Status-Brea, CA
  • Lake Chapala Art Society Spring Show, 2nd Place-Ajijic, MX
  • 1996 California State Fair, Award of Merit-Sacramento, CA
  • 1995 Magnum Opus VIII, Award of Excellence-Sacramento, CA

Individual Exhibits

Group Exhibits

  • 2016,14 Contempo Galleria                          
  • 2011,10,9,8,7 The Loft Galleria ¨New Works¨, ¨The Arc of the Journey¨, ¨San Sebastian Cycle¨, and ¨Bottles on the Balcony¨-Puerto Vallarta, MX
  • 2005,4,3,2 Galeria Dante ¨Recent Works¨, ¨Recent Works¨, ¨Tropical Flavor¨, ¨Things and Butterflies¨-Puerto Vallarta, MX
  • 2001 Galeria Pacifico ¨Recent Works¨-Puerto Vallarta, MX
  • 2000 Galeria Rosas Blancas ¨Sun, Sand, and Mexico¨-Puerto Vallarta, MX
  • 1999 La Bellavia Restaurant ¨Fragrant Colors¨-Flagstaff, AZ
  • 1998 Meson del Jobito ¨Imagenes de Oaxaca y Guatemala¨-Zacatecas, MX Galeria Parroquia ¨Imágenes de Oaxaca y Guatemala¨-Puerto Vallarta, MX
  • 1997 ArtFactors¨Grand Opening¨-Portland, OR Galeria Parroquia ¨Maracas y Mas¨-Puerto Vallarta, MX
  • 1996 Instituto de Idiomas UAZ ¨Celebracion de 400 Años¨-Zacatecas, MX
  • 1995 Meson del Jobito ¨Imágenes¨-Zacatecas, MX
  • 1994 El Arcano ¨Caras y Flores¨-Zacatecas, MX
  • 2014 Ada, Meg & Bill Peter Gray Museum of Art Centro Universitario de la Costa, Puerto Vallarta, Jal
  • 2012 Mito y Mitotes Embajada de Mexico Lisboa, Portugal
  • 2012 Pintando Mexico Peter Gray Museum Centro Universitario de la Costa
  • 2010 V Salon de la MujerMuseo Naval-Puerto Vallarta, MX
  • 2010 Expo Vallarta Museso Naval-Puerto Vallarta, MX
  • 2009 IV Salon de la Mujer Galeria el Genio de Paco-Puerto Vallarta, MX
  • 2007 III Salon de la Mujer- Bibioteca Los Mangos-Puerto Vallarta, MX
  • 2006 Doceavo Salon de la Acuarela Centro de Arte Moderno- Guadalajara, MX
  • 2005 Colección Vallarta, Anthology of Vallarta Visual Art 1950-2005 Presidencia Municipal-Puerto Vallarta, MX
  • 2004 ¨Schildersweek¨Galerie Het Nooderlicht- Domburg, NL
  • 2000 The Critique Group Quintessence Gallery-Chandler, AZ
  • 1999 ¨Desserts¨ Brandy´s Restaurant- Flagstaff, AZ
  • 1998 ¨Cherubs and Angels¨Galeria Rosas Blancas-Puerto Vallarta, MX
  • 1997 ¨Tzompantli¨Bilbioteca Los Mangos-Puerto Vallarta, MX ¨Vision Vallarta¨Palacio Municipal-Puerto Vallarta, MX
  • 1996 ¨Fiestas del Mar¨Hotel Buenaventura III Muestra de Arte Pictorico Pueblito del Sol-Puerto Vallarta, MX
  • 1995 ¨Splash II Galeria Kiki Bassi-Cabo San Lucas, MX
  • 1994 ¨Art is Good For You¨Galeria Pirámide-Puerto Vallarta, MX
  • 1990 ¨El Taller¨Museo Del Cuale-Puerto Vallarta, MX
  • 1989 ¨Art Exhibit¨Hotel Oro Verde-Puerto Vallarta, MX

Corporate and Museum Collection

  • Saks 5th Avenue-Fort Meyers and Orlando, FL
  • Peter Gray Museum, Centro Universitario de la Costa, Universidad de Guadalajara-Puerto Vallarta, Jal MX