These workshops were given from 2003-2015. Due to geographical change they are currently suspended.
Bright color and sparkling light abound in the tropical paradise of Puerto Vallarta where I have mostly lived since 1984. Mexico has been the source of many images for my paintings as well as the culture that nurtures me as an artist.

I paint with a limited palette, (permanent rose, quincacridone yellow, aureolin, viridian, cobalt, Winsor blue, and ultramarine deep) using a grisaille method ie. a purple underpainting for darker values and color with transparent color applied where there is no purple and darker versions of the local color over the purple. I paint the lightest washes first so that they remain clean.

My drawing is done on vellum with a grid showing through underneath. The same grid is laid over the photo (smaller but proportionate to the paper-size grid). The finished drawing is transferred to the watercolor paper with graphite paper.

The photography for my paintings is a primary element in my process. I think it is where my background and preference for contour drawing meets with the two-dimensionality of the photo. As a studio painter I am interested in the patterns that color and shape make on the flat surface of the paper.

All workshops have a “quiet atmosphere” ie. social talk during mid-morning and lunch breaks.
Materials and lunch are separate. 3 people min. 6 people max. per workshop. all prices are in Mexican Pesos.

Color Mixing 2 days 9:30-3:30 $1,000

Especially recommended for people who have never painted in any medium.
To see and feel how the watercolor is applied and to mix secondary colors.
We will make a color grid and 3 secondary color design paintings.

1/4sheet Paint-Along 4 days 9:30-3:30 $2,000

Introduces my working method. This workshop is a prerequisite to join weekly Studio Painting in Jan and Feb.
We draw from a grid and paint together from a photo reference I supply.

1/2sheet Paint-Along 5 days 9:30-3:30 $2,500

We work from a variety of photos, possibly combining more than one. We begin the week painting, having already drawn the drawing.

Extra Grid/Drawing Help ½ day 10-1 (before ½ & fullsheet workshops) $300

Full sheet Paint-Along 6 days 9:30-3:30 $3000

This workshop spans 2 weeks. We paint together M,T,W of the first week and W,Th,F of the second week.

Studio Painting

4 days/month Tue or Wed 10-3 $1,000
8 days/month Tue & Wed 10-3 $1,750
Single day (when available) $300

2014-15 Schedule

Color Mixing – 2 days  Mon & Tue November 17&18  9:30-3:30                        $1,000
¼ sheet Paint-Along -- 3 days Wed, Thurs, Fri. November 19,20 &21                $1,500
Studio Painting - Wednesdays Jan. 7,14,21,28  Feb. 4,11,18,25                        $1,000/4

*Everything subject to change (the creative principle)

Materials List

These basic materials are requisite for any paint-along workshop

Approx. $180us investment with 2 palettes, 2 brushes & 14ml paint tubes

*Available at

Palette*-Cheap Joe’s original palette #400 12½ x 9½ $13

Brush*-CJDC-10 cheapjoe’s dreamcatcher a sable/synthetic blend brush $27

CJDC-12 $42

Holbein Artists’ Watercolors

Aureolin (yellow) $15
Ultramarine Deep $9
Viridian (not hue, green) $13
Cobalt Blue $15

Winsor & Newton Artists’ Watercolors

Permanent Rose $11
Quinacridone Gold $11
Winsor Blue GS (greenshade) $9

Arches 300lb. cp (coldpress) watercolor paper
Saral graphite paper $13

Kneaded eraser

Mechanical pencil

For less investment purchase only 1 palette, 1 brush & 5ml paint tubes